Lily Allen's Happiness Helps Her Shed the Weight

"I comfort eat when I'm not very happy" the now-content 23-year-old admits

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Lily Allen says she has many reasons to “Smile.” The singer is feeling better with herself – and when she feels good, she keeps the weight off.

While promoting her new album It’s Not Me, Allen, 23, says life “feels good,” the press is treating her more kindly and the secret to being content with her body is to halt her urge to order French fries from room service in order to fill the happiness gap.

“The only reason I have lost weight is because I comfort eat when I’m not very happy,” Allen tells the U.K. tabloid the Sun.”The last two years, even though I had a lot of success with my first record, I was getting so drunk.

“I was on tour with people I didn’t know, and I was all around the world working really hard and was really confused and lonely.”

At her low point last year, Allen suffered a miscarriage and has since revealed that its aftermath drove her to check into a mental health center for treatment.

And Love, Too

Rising to fame with her 2006 worldwide hit “Smile,” Allen also jokes how she has never let age get in the way of her love life. The latest man linked to her is art dealer Jay Jopling – at 45, 22 years her senior.

With self-deprecating humor, she adds, “Lester [Lloyd, her first boyfriend] was 20 and had no money, Seb [Chew, a record company exec] was 30 and had a bit more, Ed [Simons, of the Chemical Brothers] was 40 and had a bit more, and Jay is pushing 50.”

Having established this pattern, “That means the next one’s probably gonna be 60,” she says. “I like them old and rich.”

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