Lily Allen Says She Wants to Retire to a Farm at 25

The singer, 22, yearns for the simple life in the country – and a family

Photo: Jonathan Hordle/startraks

Lily Allen says she plans to quit showbiz after finishing her next CD.

“Maybe I could retire at 25. I’m only going to do one more album,” the singer, 22, tells Britain’s Sunday Times.

While Allen has enjoyed solid professional success – her 2006 debut album, Alright, Still, sold nearly 2 million copies – the singer has faced a number of personal challenges, having publicly battled self-image issues over her weight. Then there is her troubled relationship with the paparazzi.

But now she says she’d like to abandon the pressures of celebrity life in favor of a simpler, rural existence.

A Garden and Chickens

“It’s a great job, but it doesn’t leave time for what’s important. Like having a family,” she says. “I’d like to live in the country and have a walled garden, and chickens and pigs.”

She also discusses the effect of the marital breakup of her parents, actor-musician Keith Allen and movie producer Alison Owen, when she was only 4.

“I didn’t have attention as a kid – when I went out it was: ‘This is Lily, Keith’s daughter.’ Not any more. Now it’s: ‘This is Keith, Lily’s dad.’ ”

Still, she says, “Mum is an inspiration to me. She is very, very strong. I’ve [learned] to stand up for myself, and I’m quite a feminist as a result of being my mum’s daughter.”

As for her relationship with her mother today, “I love her and think she’s brilliant, but I don’t want to work as hard as she did to provide for us. That’s why I’ve always wanted to make lots of money early on.”

Money Matters

As Allen got older, “I spent years trying [to make it] from the age of 16. … When it started going well I felt very confused by the attention.” Of her celebrity, “I’m in the newspapers every day, pretty much,” she says. “I don’t get it. I just want to make some money.”

And although she’s said she’s not in love but is dating Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers, who is 15 years her senior, Allen also tells the Times, “I m really happy at the moment. Two weeks ago my therapist said: ‘It’s a waste of money you coming here. You’re fine now.’ ”

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