Lily Allen Leaks Her Own Songs on the Internet

The British singer says she wants fans to hear the new musical direction she's taking

Photo: Richard Young/Startraks

Two new Lily Allen songs hit the web on Thursday, but it wasn’t the doing of some sketchy record label intern. The British singer admits that she leaked them herself in a blog post titled ‘Yagga Yo’ on her official site.

Though Allen writes that the songs are just in the demo stages, the singer, who flaunted her ska influences in her debut, Alright, Still, wants fans to “get an idea of my new direction.”

The songs – the airy and irresistible “I Don t Know” and a piano ballad entitled, “I Could Say,” which already have more than 95,000 plays – may not be up for long. The singer plans to rotate the new tracks with even fresher ones (and possibly a mixtape) as soon as they’re ready.

“I hope you enjoy this shizzle,” she adds.

As for her newly lightened locks, Allen says, “I’m a blondie and loving it.”

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