Lily Allen Is Scared of Her New Sound

The singer shows a rare bit of self-doubt regarding her songwriting skills

A usually cheeky Lily Allen showed her less confident side recently in Los Angeles when talking about her skills as a musician.

I left school at 15. I m not a genius songwriter. I don t think I m really good at anything, Allen told the U.K. version of Rolling Stone, adding that she feels that she got away with something.

Fears aside, Allen s sophomore album is nearing the wrapping stages and it s going to make listeners feel “naughty.”

Her upcoming album is tentatively titled Stuck on the Naughty Step. The British phrase sit on the naughty step can be likened to the American go stand in the corner. The 23-year-old singer says this album will have a more electropop feel than the ska vibe of her last effort Alright, Still. She ll even play xylophone on the track Everybody s At It, a ditty about prescription drug use.

Allen says she is really scared about how her fans will perceive her record. Some people will like it and some people won t, Allen says. If people hate it, then I ll just try something else.

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