The singer is accused of decking a paparazzo outside a London club in March

Lily Allen says she doesn’t want to be a celebrity, but she allegedly committed a classic act of celebrity bad behavior: punching a paparazzo.

The British pop star, 21, was arrested in London Thursday on charges of punching photographer Kevin Rush.

The incident allegedly happened back in March as Allen left the Wardour Club in London’s West End with her boyfriend of nearly three years, DJ Seb Chew.

On Thursday, Allen went to a London police station, where she was photographed and had her fingerprints and a DNA sample taken.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman told PEOPLE: “At approximately 1:30 a.m. on the 13th March a woman allegedly punched at a male photographer in his 40s, near the Wardour Club, W1. He suffered a cut to the nose, but didn’t require any hospital treatment. Officers attended but the woman had left.

“At approximately 9:30 a.m. on the 28th June, a 21-year-old woman attended at London police station by appointment and was arrested in connection with the allegation of assault. She has been bailed to return in late July.”

Allen has expressed her discomfort with paparazzi attention on her MySpace blog in recent weeks, telling fans: “I don’t sleep and take drugs with famous people (i have a boyfriend ive been with for nearly 3 years), I don’t go to film premieres. I don’t go shopping in the paparazzi hotspots, so please leave me alone.”