VidCon 2015: Lilly Singh Took Over PEOPLE's Instagram – and the Results Are Glorious

We let the YouTube star post photos from the event – consider this your ticket inside

Photo: Lilly Singh

PEOPLE is on the ground at VidCon in California, chatting with our favorite YouTubers and trying not to get trampled by their hordes of fans. But as much as it pains us, we can’t be everywhere all the time, so we figured, Why not let a pro take over PEOPLE’s Instagram and post pics from an insider’s perspective?

Lilly Singh was an obvious choice for the job. Today, the YouTube superstar – who aptly goes by “Superwoman” – has full control over our Instagram account and has already begun posting pics of her insane experience at VidCon. (Unicorn onesies?! Flash mobs?!? The jealousy pangs wound us.)

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Take a look at all the goofy pictures Singh has posted so far – and keep checking PEOPLE’s Instagram for more magical Superwoman updates throughout the day. //

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