Lil' Wayne Shows Off His Bowling Skills

The Grammy nominee also stands up for marijuana while hanging out with Katie Couric

Photo: Scott Gries/Getty

Lil’ Wayne revealed to PEOPLE this week that he bonds with his 10-year-old daughter Reginae by playing Wii tennis, bowling and golf with her.

Turns out the singer’s love of bowling goes a bit further than video games.

The eight-time Grammy nominee admits he owns four custom-made bowling balls! “If you talk to a professional bowler,” Lil’ Wayne tells Katie Couric on a pre-Grammy show set to air Feb. 4, “he would explain or she’ll explain how your own ball and your own shoes and perfect lanes are important.”

The singer, 26, was also willing to share several of his other favorite things with both PEOPLE and Couric.

In addition to candy and tattoos (he’s totally covered in ink!), he confesses to smoking pot. “I will stand up for marijuana any day … I’m a rapper. That’s who I am, Miss Katie, and I am a gangster and I do what I want. And I love to smoke.”

Check out this week’s PEOPLE magazine for more about Lil’ Wayne’s life.

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