Lil' Kim to Begin Prison Sentence

The rapper says she's been a "workaholic zombie" as she prepares to serve her 366-day sentence

As she prepares to enter prison on Monday to begin her 366-day term for perjury, rapper Lil’ Kim says that since her July sentencing she has been a “workaholic zombie” in the recording studio, given that she has no idea what to expect after her release.

“It’s been nonstop since the day I found out,” the 30-year-old rapper, whose real name is Kimberly Jones, tells Newsweek. “I knew when the verdict came down, and then the sentencing, that I didn’t have any time to play around. I had to get the album done, and all the other things in my life settled quickly. I’d never done an album so fast before, and in a way it was a good thing. The music just kind of rolled out.”

Her album, The Naked Truth, is slated to hit stores on Sept. 27, and she calls it a very personal work. In it, she reportedly slams those who testified against her at her trial. Her conviction stems from lying to a federal grand jury about her knowledge of a Manhattan radio shootout that involved two members of her entourage.

Of the album, she tells Newsweek: “I wasn’t ready before now to break my life down for real. But this time around, things needed to be said. It all came from the heart. I wanted people to understand me and see me for who I am.”

According to the New York Post, Kim’s lockup will be Philadelphia’s Federal Detention Center, which houses some 1,100 inmates of both sexes in 628 cells and is described as gray and dull.

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