September 26, 2005 08:00 AM

Lil’ Kim has been given a horrid haircut butchering her long locks, according to a prisoner who was released from the Philadelphia detention center just as the rapper was admitted to begin her 366-day sentence for perjury.

“She looked like a wreck,” Shaki Muhammad, 40, who had just served three months, tells the New York Post. “She didn’t look anything like she did on the outside.”

Muhammad also told the paper that prisoners besieged the 4’11”, 30-year-old Kim (real name: Kimberly Jones) with highly personal questions about her sex life and plastic surgery.

Kim’s prison stint is because of her conviction for lying to a grand jury during its probe into a 2001 shooting outside a Manhattan radio station.

Her first 24 hours in confinement were spent in solitary before she was released among the other inmates, the Post reports. This week she is due to be assigned both a cellmate and a job. “She became very friendly,” said Muhammad, adding: “I know if she was on the street, she wouldn’t give us the time of day.”

Meanwhile, Monday’s New York Times reviews Kim’s fourth and latest CD, The Naked Truth, which it calls “a surprisingly dull album, with too many stale conceits.” Even so, the paper did enjoy the “entertaining shots at so-called snitches,” and “it’s fun to hear her pretend that she hates being talked about.”

Among the lines quoted: “Star Jones don’t like me, she cheap and I like the best/ Damn, it must feel good to Pay-less.”

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