Four of the victims are in life-threatening condition after being struck by lightning
Credit: Raphael Satter/AP

Six people sustained serious injuries and five others were slightly injured after being struck by lightning in Paris on Saturday, the Associated Press reports.

Eight children and three adults congregated under a tree in Park Monceau after rain began falling on a child’s birthday party in the park. All were subsequently injured after lightning struck.

Paris fire service spokesman Eric Moulin told the AP that an off-duty fireman ran to the scene and found nine of the victims lying motionless under the tree. He administered first aid to the victims and called for help.

“He saw who was the most seriously wounded. He did a quick triage of the victims. He did first aid. He alerted the rescue services,” Moulin said. “Without his actions it would have been much worse.”

Moulin said the strike left four of the children (aged around 9 years old) and two of the adults seriously injured, with four in life-threatening condition.

According to the National Weather Service, trees and other tall, isolated objects should be avoided during thunderstorms, as they can attract lightning.