The Love Happens star finds her inner-Zen by plucking roses from her own garden
Credit: PA Photos/Landov

No matter what’s going on her life, Jennifer Aniston has learned to stop and smell the roses – literally.

“In my houses, I always have a rose garden or something [similar],” says Aniston, who plays a florist in her new film Love Happens. “It’s the sort of Zen having a rose garden and knowing where to pick them and take them in and it’s just something very relaxing.”

She adds: “When I lived in Laurel Canyon – me and my girlfriends – that was one of our favorite things to do, go to a nursery and plant our little gardens and make our rock gardens.”

Aniston also applies her laid back attitude to her own her personal and professional goals. “I have to tell you that I don’t really have goals,” she says. “Things come up and I go ‘That would be really interesting.'”

Still, even with her centered approach, she says she’s not without a little neurotic quirk here and there. “If I walk onto an airplane I have to walk on with my right foot first and tap the outside of the plane,” she admits.