Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky? Today marks Hemsworth's 27th birthday, and we are all luckier for it

By Maria Yagoda
Updated January 13, 2017 10:01 AM
Credit: Relativity Media/Everett

Friday the 13th is notoriously unlucky, but seeing as the day marks Liam Hemsworth‘s 27th birthday, we’re feeling pretty #blessed about it.

Over the course of his acting career, Hemsworth has graced us with smoldering stares, gratuitous shirtlessness and, of course, high-quality performances. To ward off any bad luck, we’re remembering all the moments that Hemsworth’s hotness was almost – almost! – too much for us to physically bear.

1. When he made eating a sandwich sexier than we ever thought possible.

Credit: Courtesy Liam Hemsworth

Our only question is: why is the sandwich so small? We hope he had more stashed somewhere.

2. When he was low-key a professional surfer.

Credit: AKM-GSI

If the whole acting thing doesn’t work out …

Credit: X17online

3. When he denied ever putting “shrimp on the barbie.”

We’re not sure how he managed to make this conversation sexy, but he did. He really did.

4. When his ugly Christmas sweater selfie with Miley Cyrus was the greatest present of all.


5. When he threw it wayyyy back to the early days of his relationship with Cyrus.

The couple first met in 2009 on the set of The Last Song.

6. Really any time he had to wear one of these wacko dystopian bodysuits in The Hunger Games franchise.

Credit: Murray Close/Lionsgate

We would fight alongside him any. day. of. the. week.

7. When he took off his shirt and stole our hearts.

Credit: INF

We love it when celebs give back.

8. When he was the most beautiful merman in all the land.

Channing Tatum, don’t let us down.

9. When he said kissing Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games was “awkward,” and we were all, “We volunteer as tribute!!”

We’re here for you.

10. When his performance in the 2013 thriller Paranoia was … thrilling.

Credit: Relativity Media/Everett

We can’t help but notice there’s a lot of extra space in that pool.

11. When even a whole lot of dirt and grime couldn’t obscure his hotness.

Credit: Relativity Media/Everett


12. When he played “Slip and Flip” with Jimmy Fallon.

Despite the fact that there’s way too many clothes involved in the skit, we cherish Hemsworth’s willingness to look silly for the sake of the joke.

13. When the sight of him in a suit forced us to take a personal day off from work.

Credit: Splash News Online

We needed time to process.