Sherry Johnson, who is awaiting trial on drug charges, says grandson Tripp was able to visit her at home

By Lorenzo Benet
May 14, 2009 07:45 AM
G.N Miller/Splash News Online

With a May 18 trial date looming for her facing charges of selling OxyContin, the mother of Levi Johnston says there’s a thaw in relations between her family and that of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and she reports she gets to see her grandson Tripp at her own home.

“When Bristol came to pick up Tripp this week, she said if we want him more often, all I have to do is call. She said if I want to come to their house, I can come over and see him all the time,” Sherry Johnston, 42, tells “I am hopeful we’ll be able to work together to raise Tripp.”

Johnston, who spent Mother’s Day with son Levi, 18, and daughter Mercede, said she sent a text message to Tripp’s mom, Bristol Palin, 18, on May 10 wishing her a happy Mother’s Day. But despite signs of easing of the tension between the families, Johnston says she still would like to see her grandson more often.

“We only see him a few hours a week, but I did get to spend time with him this morning,” she tells Momlogic. “It tears me apart. Every time I see him he’s a different child. Before he wasn’t rolling over, now he is. Now he’s trying to crawl. I am missing him so much that it tears me up.”

Johnson, meanwhile, faces a trial next week on felony counts of selling the painkiller OxyContin. She has pleaded innocent and says got hooked on the opiate after a hysterectomy eight years ago, which led to seven additional surgeries.