7 Letters to Santa That Will Warm the Heart

Can Santa bring batteries? Stop bullies? Get a pony? These adorable kids hope so

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The North Pole is known for wonder and whimsy, not it’s Wi-Fi signal. Perhaps that’s why Santa still depends on snail mail to uncover the wishes of kids around the world.

We’re happy that Mr. Claus still has kids licking stamps, or else we would miss out on scrawly, heartwarming requests like these. Emails and Instagram are quick, but they’ll never replace the personality that comes through when you put pen, paper and child together.

1. And The List Goes On

The daughter of Deadspin‘s Drew Magary may have the most ambitious Christmas list we’ve seen. From the sensible (a bead kit), to the far-reaching (a Border Collie with a peace sign collar and leash), to the downright impossible (a little thing that can turn into anything at anytime), this list will provide quite an interesting trip to the mall.

2. Best Brother Ever

When Karen Suffern asked her kids for a letter to mail to Santa, her son Ryan immediately started scribbling. In place of toys, the 8-year-old wanted one thing: for his twin sister Amber to stop being bullied. The altruistic ask spread throughout the news media and Ryan found his request answered before Christmas. Amber is having an easier time at school and received a surprise serenade from the guys of Big Time Rush, proving good cheer isn’t just Santa’s doing.

3. Amazon Delivers to the North Pole, Right?


This “hyperlinked” letter was originally reported as a kid’s amusing mistake, but a fully-grown comedian named Zack Poitras turned out to be the real author. Poitras shared the Santa letter, complete with Amazon link, as a satire of the tradition.

4. You Better Watch Out

Letter to santa...

That memory trick goes both ways, Santa. And this child knows you forgot her pony, so be good for goodness’ sake (and your well-being), and bring this tyke her pet. Those angry horse eyebrows look like they mean business.

5. Modern-Age Request

The Energizer Bunny should buy a parka, because Santa’s workshop is now on his drop-off list. The kids of Single Mom on a Budget loved their gifts last year, but wanted to know, “Where are the batteries?” This holiday, our favorite list-checker won’t forget to bring all the parts.

6. “Letters” to Santa

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This wishful wee one decided to take a very literal approach when he was tasked with writing letters to Santa. Unless this is his way of asking for alphabet soup this Christmas?

7. Simpler Times

Gentlefolk, this is how a Santa letter is written. Homer Mellen of 1915 is polite, succinct and has a solid argument. Who would want to upset a 7-year-old boy? After the Christmas of 1915, the letter stayed in the family and was passed on to Homer’s children, Larry, Dianne, Tim and Brenda, to keep the Mellens mannerly and non-materialistic all year round.

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