By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated April 04, 2002 02:23 PM

David Letterman will be welcoming an unlikely guest to the hot chair next to the “Late Show” host’s desk next Tuesday: U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. Dave’s been poking fun at the nation’s top lawman (so, what’s new?), notes New York’s Daily News, and since February has been airing a clip of Ashcroft’s singing “Let the Eagle Soar,” a ditty he wrote, before a group of North Carolina theological students. Tony Bennett Ashcroft is not. On Tuesday, Ashcroft will get to fire back. “The Attorney General has a good sense of humor,” his spokesman, Mark Corallo, tells the News, though he would not divulge how Letterman producers got the appearance to happen or how long the negotiations required. “I don’t think they would want me to get into a discussion about that,” Corallo said. “We all decided it would be fun.” Perhaps Ashcroft will even sing on the air. He is experienced, after all: When he was a Missouri senator, he was also a member of a group of warbling politicians who called themselves the Singing Senators. The Daily News notes, too, that next Tuesday, no musical act is booked on the “Late Show.” Get the earplugs ready.