By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated October 10, 2002 10:00 AM

David Letterman wanted a highway. What he’ll get instead is a stretch of road.

The “Late Show” host had been pressing officials in his hometown of Indianapolis to rename Interstate 465 the “David Letterman Expressway.”

In fact, at one point, reported earlier this week, Letterman boasted on his CBS show that he would fork over $10 million to rename the highway, but when he actually called up city Mayor Bart Peterson, the offer shrunk to the cost of covering only some new signs. (“What happened to the $10 million?” Peterson inquired. “That’s a different telephone call,” Letterman replied.)

Now, the Indianapolis Star reports that the Lawrence City Council has unanimously approved a resolution renaming a portion of 59th Street from Brooks Boulevard to the eastern boundary of the former Fort Harrison. The new name will be David Drive.

The paper goes on to say that there will be an intersection at David Drive and Letterman Road within the city of Lawrence “that recognizes this Hoosier legend,” the resolution states.

Deputy Mayor Chuck Hicks tells the paper that the signage would be designed so that the words “Drive” and “Road” will be small, so that the name “David Letterman” will stand out as drivers pass through the intersection.

“It’s actually on the (Army) Reserve enclave. That’s one of the reasons we did it for fun because no businesses are affected. There are still 144 acres here on the east side that the Reserve has retained,” Hicks said.