This old Honda ad is proof that the actor has always had a way with the ladies

By Kristen Caires
Updated May 20, 2015 09:25 AM

Are you ready for one of the best #TBT’s ever?

Leonardo DiCaprio is now one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. But before all the glitz, glamour and fame, a fresh-faced Leo starred in this 1995 Japanese Honda Civic commercial.

A Minnie Mouse-like rendition of You Are My Sunshine plays in the background as DiCaprio hoots, hollers and speeds along in his red Honda.

He’s is joined by a lady friend who is seen doing a fun snapping dance to the tune, and the actor just can’t contain himself, exclaiming, “What a great ride! This feels like a jet!”

We’ll need an interpreter to know exactly how the conversation between the two ends, but after the gal pal plants a big smooch on his cheek, he ends this advertising gem with, “It’s a miracle! Woo-hoo!”

Yes, Leo. This was a miracle for us, too!