January 24, 2007 08:00 AM

A shivering Leonardo DiCaprio braved the London cold Tuesday night for the U.K. premiere for his film Blood Diamond, blowing his hands for warmth as he greeted fans by the red carpet.

DiCaprio, 32, who learned of his Oscar nomination for Best Actor in the film only hours earlier during his press junket for the movie, called the crowd’s reception “a very warm welcome on a cold night.”

Along with fellow Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou – for Best Supporting Actor – DiCaprio had already gotten warmth from his colleagues earlier in the day. “We kind of already celebrated,” he told reporters. “We toasted teach other, we gave each other a group hug.”

DiCaprio was still amazed at the attention the film was garnering. “In a lot of ways it was real surprising the film got nominated for five Academy Awards,” he said. “It’s not something that comes out of the Hollywood system very often. There are films that are politically charged, but a movie on this scale is a very rare occurrence, so I kind of jumped at the opportunity.”

That sentiment was echoed by Hounsou, a second-time nominee. “It’s definitely a great thing for me and the film,” he said of the Oscar nods. “Hopefully after these nominations we’ll get more changes to go with the film and highlight the issues (in it).”

One star who wasn’t surprised by the film’s honors was co-star Jennifer Connelly. “After seeing the film I pretty much saw it coming and I think it’s really very much deserved,” she told reporters. “I’m thrilled for (Leonardo and Djimon) and not too surprised. I’m sure everyone will be celebrating.”

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