The actor died at age 83 on Friday

By Sheila Cosgrove Baylis
Updated February 27, 2015 02:30 PM

Leonard Nimoy is leaving behind quite a legacy.

The actor, who died Friday, will not only be remembered for his portrayal of Mr. Spock, a beautiful character who struggled to understand what was alien to him – the human condition – but as a man who regularly considered and communicated his thoughts on the meaning of life.

Nimoy openly shared his poetry and views on existence through Twitter, and Star Trek fans seem to be finding comfort in re-Tweeting him as they begin to mourn his death.

His prophetic Tweet from Monday about life’s impermanence has already been re-Tweeted over 100,000 times.

Nimoy regularly signed his Tweets with Mr. Spock’s slogan, “live long and prosper” (LLAP), further joining the character and the actor, a union he did not seem to mind.

The 83-year-old had a handle on social media – he would share art, quotes, remembrances, jokes and facts about himself – Nimoy’s Twitter account is both a celebration of his life and a way to get to know him.

Nimoy would also regularly post warnings against smoking, as his death was due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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