June 02, 2008 06:00 PM

Just call her the anti-Amy Winehouse. “Bleeding Love” singer Leona Lewis is enjoying the perks of her fame – just don’t expect to see her in the tabloids for raucous behavior. In a new interview with Blender, the British pop star says she’s fine with her squeaky clean image. “I don’t wear little miniskirts and low cut tops,” she says in the July issue. “If you want to show your bits off, it’s up to you.” Lewis, 23, tells the magazine she shies away from parties, too, preferring to stay home and watch a movie or play the video game Grand Theft Auto, though she says, “it’s a bit violent.”

Lewis also steers clear of alcohol because, well, she doesn’t like the taste. “When I was 18, I had a few glasses of Alcopop – they’re bubblegummy drinks with a bit of alcohol – and it was gross,” she says. “I’ve tasted champagne, which is gross. And I tasted wine, which I don’t like.”
Brian Orloff

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