Leo Focuses on Director Pal During Gisele's New Video

He's all smiles as he previews a music video directed by Kevin Connolly, featuring his supermodel ex

Photo: Tony Barson/WireImage; INF

Leonardo DiCaprio showed some post-breakup goodwill Wednesday, as he watched his ex, Gisele Bündchen, sashay her way through a music video.

Why was actor was on hand for a special preview screening of the clip for Blackcowboy’s “Come On” – which featured the supermodel’s cameo? Simple. The video marked the directorial debut of DiCaprio’s longtime friend, Kevin Connolly.

“[Gisele] has been a friend of the band for years,” Connelly told PEOPLE. “[She] promised to be in the video a while ago.”

And the model’s A-list ex certainly turned heads as he walked into the MySpace Celebrity-sponsored event with his all-male entourage including the Entourage star and their mutual pal Lukas Haas.

The Body of Lies star (low-key in jeans and his trademark baseball cap) whooped it up when Connolly was announced, yelling proudly to the crowd, “Here he is!” as he pointed to the newly minted director.

DiCaprio was more subdued, however, during the actual screening. As Bündchen lit up the screen, the actor “kept his head planted in his hand and was quiet, just taking it in,” says an onlooker.

Possibly aware everyone would be on the lookout for his reaction, DiCaprio remained stoic until the very end – when he broke into a huge smile and clapped and whistled his congratulations to Connolly.

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