April 09, 2003 11:00 AM

There appears to be little love lost between Leonardo DiCaprio and “Homicide” actor Daniel Baldwin.

The Baldwin brother tells the Las Vegas Sun newspaper that he wants to find the “Catch Me If You Can” star and “kick his a–.” The reason? Baldwin, 42, says DiCaprio skipped out on a charity event last weekend — despite the fact that DiCaprio’s transportation from L.A. was arranged by private jet.

“Not only did DiCaprio stiff a kids’ charity by not showing up, but then he asked to be paid back for the cost of the plane,” Jonathan Scott, an organizer of the event aiding the Several Sources Foundation, told the Sun. (Several Sources funds several New Jersey shelters for at-risk teens.)

“That punk DiCaprio should be ashamed of himself,” Scott added.

Ken Sunshine, DiCaprio’s New York-based spokesman, did not immediately return the Sun’s call seeking comment.

“Leo said he was going to come, and I arranged for transportation,” Daniel’s sibling, Stephen Baldwin, 38, told the Sun. “He came to Las Vegas, but not to us.”

The New York Post’s Page Six reports that DiCaprio and some pals partied in Vegas instead.

Scott went on to suggest that DiCaprio could make good on his alleged misdeed by making a donation to Several Sources.

“He has enough money where he could easily do a shelter by himself. We are all hoping he’ll be generous enough to do something of that magnitude,” he said.

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