Leno Quizzes Bush

George W. Bush fared better with Jay Leno last night than he did with David Letterman last week. The Republican Presidential candidate — who, along with other G.O.P. hopeful, Arizona senator John McCain (to say nothing of Democratic runners Al Gore and Bill Bradley), faces Super Tuesday elections today — surfaced on Monday’s “Tonight Show.” Though he was still pretty stiff, he didn’t bomb out as he had done with Letterman, who kept reacting with bewildered looks whenever Bush answered one of his questions. Among other topics, Leno asked Bush about his admitted good ol’ boy past. “When you were out at a frat party, having a good time at Yale partying with the boys,” inquired Leno, “were you ever thinking, ‘You know, I don’t want to have that beer. I might be running for President.’ Did that ever cross your mind?” A deadpan Bush replied: “No.”

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