Leno Lashes Out at Landis Over Drug Tests

Jay dropped the jokes when it came to grilling the embattled cyclist

Tour de France winner Floyd Landis – who faces the prospect of losing his title after having twice tested positive for a high testosterone ratio during the race – has faced some tough grilling this week, including a round on the usually frothy Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday night.

“I see you on these shows,” the TV host told the 30-year-old athlete, who started the week defending himself on both Today and Good Morning America, “and I do want to believe you and the evidence seems – I don’t know if it’s overwhelming – but it seems pretty conclusive, right?”

Landis agreed, provided one goes by the tests – prompting Leno to fire back, “Why should we not go by the tests? Tell me why.'”

Landis responded, “The tests and the people doing the tests would like you to believe that the only possibility is that I essentially took some drugs and that’s why the test is that way.”

Landis suggested that something he might have eaten is “also the possibility, and it’s an argument that has been used by other people. At this point, I don’t know if it’s somehow or some way I ingested something that caused the tests to be that way.”

Since the test was made public, Landis and his defense team have floated explanations including cortisone shots taken for pain in Landis’s degenerating hip, beer and whiskey he drank the night before the test, thyroid medication, his natural metabolism and dehydration, the Associated Press reports.

Landis has insisted that his body naturally caused the positive tests. On Tuesday, he also called into question the integrity of the testing monitors.

“I’m beginning to wonder about this myself after the way the situation’s been handled, is that after the (sample) leaves my hands … after I give them the sample, I don’t know where it goes,” he said.

Both Landis’s “A” and “B” samples taken after Stage 17 of the race turned up a testosterone-epitestosterone ratio of 11:1 – far in excess of the 4:1 limit. Further tests also showed that the samples contained synthetic testosterone, indicating that it was from an outside source.

Should Landis be stripped of the championship, he would be the first rider to lose the title due to a doping offense in the race’s 103-year history.

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