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Nate Jones
February 26, 2014 11:25 AM

It’s easy to see why the Internet has fallen in love with online personality quizzes. With a few short clicks, taking one of those tests puts us in a comforting world where simple consumer choices – “What’s your favorite takeout food?” – reveal deep truths about our unique personalities and goals. After getting our results back, the messy, chaotic world becomes just a little bit easier to understand.

But recently, a few celebs have exposed a dark secret at the heart of these quizzes: They are not always 100% accurate. Below, a selection of celebrities who have taken online personality quizzes, only to find out that they were not themselves. Gasp!

Shirley Manson of Garbage

The first star to receive a shocking surprise was British rock star Shirley Manson, who in early February took a Female Alternative-Rock Musician of the 1990s quiz and did not get herself. Manson stayed mum on the answer she received, resulting in feverish speculation: Was she more of a Courtney Love or a P.J. Harvey?

Lena Dunham

Weeks later, Girls auteur Lena Dunham took a quiz about the characters in her HBO dramedy, only to find that she was not her own character, lovable screwup Hannah Horvath. Instead, she apparently had more in common with Hannah’s prickly and pristine best friend, Marnie Michaels. The result raises an interesting question about the way actors and characters can blend together in the public consciousness. Dunham likely has at least a little Marnie in her – somehow we doubt Hannah could get it together enough to write and direct a cable series at the age of 25.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sorry Kristy Swanson – but Sarah Michelle Gellar just is Buffy. Except according to this quiz, of course. In a subsequent tweet, Gellar revealed that she had gotten River Tam from Firefly.

Jason Alexander

In Seinfeld lore, the character of George was based in large part on series co-creator Larry David. Does this quiz result mean that the character of Jerry was then based on actor Jason Alexander? It’s an infinite recursive loop – or, as Seinfeld would put it, the nexus of the universe.

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