"Every time I've fallen in love, it's just momentary," the Gossip Girl star admits

By Monique Jessen
Updated November 19, 2009 10:45 AM
Courtesy Glamour

Don’t expect Leighton Meester to use the ‘L’ word any time soon.

“I always resist falling in love,” the Gossip Girl actress, 23, tells British Glamour in its December issue. “My problem is, I lose interest. Every time I’ve fallen in love, it’s just momentary.”

And Meester certainly hasn’t kept in touch with any of her ex-boyfriends – in fact she would rather forget them completely.

“Honestly,” she says, “I’ve hated every boyfriend I’ve had.” Hopefully that doesn’t include Meester’s current beau, Romanian-born Sebastian Stan, who stars alongside her in the CW hit show, on which he plays Chuck Bass’s rival, Carter Baizen.

On the plus side, having a heavy heart makes for great music, and Meester certainly did some soul searching while making her first record: “Somebody To Love.”

“A lot of inspiration comes from my own life, because that’s what I know,” the actress-turned-singer says matter-of-factly. “I draw from past relationships and really sh—y ones.”

Despite such unlucky-in-love status, Meester is still holding out for the real deal. “I don’t want to have a boyfriend unless I want to be with him forever.” But her cautious heart remains: “If I don’t see an end, that’s nice. Because I always see an end.”