The Gossip Girl star finds "it's okay if you don't find" Mr. Right at 24

By Sara Hammel
December 14, 2010 08:00 AM
Courtesy Allure Magazine

Leighton Meester may not have the relationship her Gossip Girl alter ego enjoys with her onscreen love, Chuck, but she’s okay with that.

“It’s wonderful to be in love,” the actress, 24, tells the January issue of Allure. “And it’s definitely wonderful to cuddle and have sex and get to experience life with somebody. But it’s okay if you don’t find him and you’re 24. You can find it someday.”

Meester says she understands the kind of love her character, Blair Waldorf, shares with Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) on the show.

“I can really relate to it – not necessarily because it’s this dramatic, tumultuous relationship, but because the way they love each other is very real, and not for the sake of being dramatic,” she says. “It’s actual love. There’s nobody for each other but them.”

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The actress also confesses to being a reformed partier, describing a sort of adult Disneyland she and her friends created.

“We had craaaazy parties, we had DJ’s, bands, an ice luge, a fire twirler,” she says. “One of my roommates burned off her bangs on the stove trying to light a cigarette. I mean, drinking is one thing – overdrinking is another. And drugs are something that I do not tolerate at all. You’d be surprised how many people do it. If you go out and you’re living the nightlife scene, that’s what people do.”

The actress also puts an unfounded rumor to rest: She and costar Blake Lively are not on the outs, she says.

“It’s unfortunate when women are pitted against each other, like with Sex and the City,” Meester says. “People say, ‘They’re jealous of each other.’ Come on! They’re all rich, successful, great actresses.”