Pacific Coast News
July 11, 2008 04:00 PM

She may dress like an Upper East Side socialite on TV, but in reality, Leighton Meester couldn t be more downtown cool.

Spotted stopping traffic with co-star Nicole Fiscella on Thursday, Meester was wearing a long, flowing summer dress (so un-Blair!) and, shock of all shocks, flashed a flower tattoo on the inside of her left wrist!

I got it two years ago, she told PEOPLE.

Meester explained she got inked with her Remember the Days co-stars and a few friends to commemorate their experience on set.

We became friends for life and we all got tattoos! she said. “[Director] Jess Manafort was the one that convinced me because she has one on her wrist.

But as they say, love hurts! When asked if the process was painful, Meester rolled her eyes and playfully exclaimed: “Oh absolutely not!”

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