Lee Ann Womack Has a (Funny) Run-In with the Law

The country star gets pranked by her tour manager during a concert in Ohio


Lee Ann Womack won’t soon forget her Friday tour stop in Cleveland, Ohio.

As the country singer, who is on the road with George Strait and Reba McEntire, left the stage, she came face-to-face with a cop and a man with handcuffs.

“All I saw was this giant badge and my heart stopped,” says Womack with a laugh.

What exactly was so funny?

Turns out, it was prank dreamed up by her entourage after an earlier incident involving local security guards which had left Womack, 44, shaken.

That morning, the pajama-clad country star had attempted to walk her dogs around the Quicken Loans Arena, and was told by security guards that every area was off-limits. Not only was she unable to figure out how to return to her tour bus, but she was also mistaken for LeAnn Rimes several times.

“I swear I was so scared ’cause I had no idea what was going on,” Womack says. “After all of that, and then there’s ‘the law,’ ” she says of the concert prank.

As soon as she realized the policeman on stage with her was wearing the uniform of a British bobby, and the man with the handcuffs was her tour manager, she figured out it was all a joke.

“Then I just doubled over laughing,” she says. “But they got me. They got me good!”

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