Ledgers Ask for Time and Space to Mourn

A family rep requests that they be allowed to grieve in "a dignified manner"

Photo: Newspix/Rex

A spokeswoman speaking on behalf of Heath Ledger‘s family in Australia has asked for the press and public to “give them the space to grieve and to lay to rest their son and brother in a dignified manner.”

That message follows Wednesday’s statement from the family following the New York City Chief Medical Examiner’s report on the cause of the actor’s death.

West Australian Premier Alan Carpenter has also joined in for the request to give the Ledgers – father Kim, mother Sally and sister Kate – time and room to mourn.

“The family have been thrust into the spotlight, obviously in the worst of all circumstances,” Carpenter said Thursday. “I think the Ledger family should [have] the right to some privacy.”

He added, “One of the great things that Heath Ledger was able to reflect upon was that when he came back to Western Australia it was a haven where he could just walk around like a normal citizen.”

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