Credit: Everett Collection

Feb. 29 comes only once every four years, bringing with it a whole slew of superstitions and folklore.

leap day not only means an extra day on the calendar, but also a day for women to propose marriage to men. (Just to be very clear: Women can still propose to men any day of any year.)

While no one knows exactly where and when the tradition originated (possibly Ireland? Scotland? The 13th century?), women still – to this day – seize the opportunity to pop the question on leap days.

Here are a few women who’ve proposed on leap day this year:

Another cute leap day proposal went down in Auckland, New Zealand, as a radio station helped Kaiya Etika propose to her high school sweetheart, Louis Tofa.

“It was a total surprise for him, I’d been anxious for a week and he knew something was up, but he didn’t know what,” Etika told Stuff. “I can’t even explain it, I was shaking, there were so many people around but I was only focused on him.”