A Nashville judge on Friday refused to release 18-year-old LeAnn Rimes from a 1995 recording contract approved by her parents when she was 12. But the young country star had the last word in court, reports the Associated Press — telling her dad, Wilbur Rimes, after the ruling, “I hate you.” The suit had been sparked by the younger Rimes’s desire to sign a new contract with the Nashville-based Curb Records. Nor is it over between the “Blue” singer and her father. She is suing him and her former co-manager in the Rimes’s home state of Texas over LeAnn’s claim that the two men are responsible for spending more than $7 million of her earnings. After the “I hate you” remark in the courtroom, Wilbur Rimes told the AP that he was “very hurt, but confused” by his daughter’s words, “because I had nothing to do with the proceeding.”