The singer counts down the days until the holiday on her Twitter account
Credit: Courtesy LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes is getting into the holiday spirit – and she isn’t afraid to share it with her fans.

On Sunday morning, the singer arose to spread cheer, Tweeting: “Happy Sunday! Only 6 days til Christmas! Which means, only 9 days til sun and beach!!! Too much fun overload!!”

Later in the day she posted her first photo of the day, titled “Mrs. Clause at your service LOL.” In it, she’s baring some cleavage, wearing red lipstick and striking a sultry pose.

Next up, the singer posted a sexy photo of herself surrounded by a gaggle of grinning elves. Wearing a skimpy red velvet outfit and showing some leg, Rimes titled the image “Santa’s Elves and Me!”

Rimes, 28, who lives with her boyfriend Eddie Cibrian, 37, continued to Tweet about her excitement about the holiday season.

“Thank you all for your sweet and hysterical comments! I love my friends, my TweLe’s!!!! 5 days now til Christmas!!!!!” She wrote later on Sunday. The next morning, she was up and posting again: “Happy Monday! Not just any Monday though, Christmas week Monday!!!” – Sara Hammel