Rimes and Dean Sheremet battles affair rumors with a public smooch

Credit: SC-PR-SS-BB/Flynet

LeAnn Rimes and her husband Dean Sheremet kissed off reports that the country singer had an affair as they cuddled in front of cameras in L.A. on Sunday.

The couple, who recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary, put up their united front just days after pictures surfaced purporting to show Rimes, 26, getting cozy with actor Eddie Cibrian, 35, her costar in the Lifetime movie Nora Roberts’ Northern Lights, which aired this week.

Cibrian, who is married with two small children, denied the affair , while Rimes acknowledged on her website she was going through a difficult time, and a friend confirmed to PEOPLE that she and Sheremet, 28, have gone through rough patches and have gone to therapy.