LeAnn Rimes Gets a 30th Birthday Kiss from Eddie Cibrian

"I really have been truly excited about turning 30," the country star tells PEOPLE. "It's a new chapter"

Photo: Joe Buissink

When LeAnn Rimes turns 30 on Tuesday, she won’t be missing her 20s one bit.

“Die, 20s, die!” was the theme of the country star’s birthday party, which she celebrated with 20 friends and family members at a private Laguna Beach, Calif., home on Aug. 18.

“I’ve been ready to leave my 20s behind,” she tells PEOPLE. “I had so many amazing things happen in my 20s, and I also had a lot of hard lessons to learn.”

“I really have been truly excited about turning 30. I’m ready to be stronger than ever. It’s a new chapter,” adds Rimes, who shared an exclusive video (above) of her birthday bash with PEOPLE.

Rimes’s husband, Eddie Cibrian, was there to give his wife a kiss after she blew out the candles on a birthday cake, which was topped with a mini-version of Rimes in a bikini standing atop a coffin. “I’m stompin’ on my 20s, stompin’ ’em out,” she says.

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Rimes, who is gearing up for the upcoming release of her latest studio album, Spitfire and a fall tour, says she found the cake topper designed by a friend “hysterical.”

“It’s funny that people have this obsession with me in a bikini,” she explains. “I’m on the beach. What am I supposed to wear?”

“I grew up with chronic psoriasis my whole life and the last six years is the first time I’ve actually been super healthy: my skin is clear, I’m taking care of myself, and since I’m turning 30, between psoriasis and my [bottom] sagging, I only have a few more years to do it so I might as well wear one,” she says with a laugh.

Birthday Gifts

In addition to the sweet smooch, Cibrian, gave his wife another early birthday present: a rose gold and diamond Cartier “Love” bracelet.

“I’ve always wanted one. I cried so hard when he gave it to me,” says Rimes. “He’s always so thoughtful.”

Another memorable present? “A friend I’ve known since I was 15 had everyone make a little video about their favorite memory of me, and he put it all together. It made me cry for half a day,” says the birthday girl. “I have a beautiful life – I am lucky.

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