The two women announce their plan for "all negativity to cease toward one another"

By Dahvi Shira
March 21, 2011 03:50 PM
Credit: Norman Scott/Startraks; Steven Lawton/FilmMagic

Let there be peace.

Following a public two-year feud that made frequent headlines around the Web, Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, and his current fiancée LeAnn Rimes have decided to shut down any future drama on Twitter.

“As a collective unit, Brandi and I would like all negativity to cease toward one another,” Rimes, 28, Tweeted Sunday. “We have communicated and have a direct understanding that we are ONLY ourselves on Twitter and have no other accounts that try to destroy one another.”

Adds Rimes in the Tweet signed by both her and Glanville, “Please for our families’ sake stop the hate now and let us live OUR lives. We don’t need opinions or outside help in order for that to happen.”

After Rimes, 28, and Cibrian started a relationship while Cibrian was still married to Glanville, 39, some Twitter users took sides and often tried to stir things up.

“They’ve both been getting private messages from fans impersonating LeAnn and they want it to end,” a source tells PEOPLE. “It’s not so much a truce as it is a moment of moving forward for LeAnn and Brandi. They’ve united to stop Twitter fans from making attacks on both sides.”

The source, who adds that Rimes and Glanville are “collectively working together for a happier future,” says: “That’s what [both sides want] for the families and, most important, for [Cibrian and Glanville’s] two boys.”

Cibrian, 37, filed for divorce from Glanville – his wife of eight years – in August 2009, the same month he took his romance with Rimes public. Cibrian and Rimes announced their engagement last December.