Grammy winner LeAnn Rimes, 18, has filed a federal lawsuit, seeking to void a 6-year-old contract, brokered by her (now-divorced) parents, with Nashville’s Curb Records Inc. “Her career has blossomed, something that couldn’t be predicted when she was 12 years old,” her attorney, Tom Rhodus, told Reuters. “LeAnn simply wants to be her own person. She wants to speak for herself, and she wants to make her own deals.” Earlier this year, Rimes also brought a $7 million suit against her father, Wilbur Rimes, and a former manager, alleging that they had skimmed off money from her earnings. Both men have denied the country star’s claims. In the matter of Curb Records (which, according to a 1995 contract, has exclusive rights to LeAnn’s recordings, songs and a cut of future profits), company lawyer John David expressed his doubts over the star’s breaking free. “She has a valid and binding agreement,” he said. “That is the law.”