The 4-year-old loves singing Kelly Clarkson, Pink and Miley Cyrus songs

By Nicholas White
April 27, 2009 11:00 AM

Meet Hollywood’s newest little super band, with Leah Remini’s daughter Sophia on vocals.

“She just started singing very loudly,” Remini, 38, said at Saturday’s Natural Resources Defense Council 20th anniversary celebration in Beverly Hills, of her 4-year-old. “She used to really not want to be listened to or looked at, and now it’s like full-on concerts. [She is] like, ‘Have you heard me sing this song and 18 songs on my iPod?’ ”

Asked if their friend Tom Cruise‘s daughter Suri, who turned 3 last week, could jam with Sophia, Remini said, “Yeah, maybe one day! That would be cute. That would be adorable. I love that!” She added Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony should “get Emme and Max up in it!”

As long as they can agree on their musical style, since Sophia, who turns 5 in June, has developed particular musical tastes, Remini says.

“Right now, [it’s] Kelly Clarkson over and over again, and Pink’s ‘So What,’ ” she says. “She’s, like, obsessed with Pink. Kelly Clarkson she’s starting to get obsessed with. Miley Cyrus‘s ‘The Climb.’ Certain songs. She’s like, ‘I only wanna hear this song and this song, and then when I try to give her other Pink songs, like her R&B stuff, she’s like, ‘No, oh no!'”

The King of Queens actress makes a great band manager, adding, “Yeah, she’s got her own iPod and I help put together her play lists. I’m working for Sophia now!”

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