The King of Queens star explains those Scientology rumors

By Mark Dagostino
May 12, 2007 01:30 PM

The King of Queens goes off the air May 14, but Leah Remini is still cracking wise. The actress, 36 (and star of the new Internet series In the MotherHood), spoke to PEOPLE about showbiz snubs, Scientology and her famous BFF.

Your show had a nine-year run. But do you ever feel it was underappreciated?
Who are you tellin’!? I’m not one of those people who goes, “Oh, I’m glad we had a show on this long.” I want awards!

Unexpectedly honest.
I just like to b—h. I’m the kind of person, you invite me on a private jet, and I’m not thankful. I go, “How do they not have a cappuccino maker [on board]?”

There were lots of questions in the press when you were first spotted hanging out with Jennifer Lopez – speculation that it was some kind of Scientology thing.
Two girls can’t hang out together? What does that have to do with religion? I just don’t understand it. I would never question, “Such-and-such is hanging out. Does anybody know her religious beliefs? Because that’s why they’re probably hanging out together.” She’s a fabulous girl. I’m fabulous to hang out with. But it’s like, “What could these two have in common? She must be trying to convert her!”

What’s the weirdest rumor you’ve read?
I read once that I was trying to get Jennifer to do Scientology because it helps with fertility. I don’t know what that’s about. That’s bull – that we’re sitting there at the Polo Lounge talking about fertility. I think Jennifer knows how to get pregnant.

Does it ever bother you, or can you laugh it off?
That kind of stuff is funny. When I read that kind of stuff, I go, “that’s not true! We weren’t talking about that.” Or that we believe in the aliens. My hairstylist believes in aliens. Why doesn’t that get printed? She says she has been abducted a few times! features toddler horror stories. Is your own Sofia deep in the terrible twos?
We’re definitely in the terrible twos. She tells people not to look at her a lot. Strangers who walk by and aren’t even looking – “Don’t look at me!” She wants things her way, and doesn’t understand yet that we’re in a restaurant or a movie theater, you know?

There are just five "Webisodes" of that show. After that, what’s next for you?
I don’t know. I’m going to take some time with my daughter. She’s at that age now where she’s telling me not to leave the house. So it kind of is a blessing a little bit, to be able to be home.

Is it still strange for you, not going to the studio every day?
Completely! You get so used to [the routine]. It’s going to take me some time to deal with it. Thank God I have work. I have my family. I have Jennifer to convert. I have things I gotta do!