December 19, 2003 04:25 PM

Attorneys for Kobe Bryant are expected to ask a Colorado judge on Friday to allow testimony at the Los Angeles Lakers star’s rape trial casting large shadows on the credibility of his accuser, reports Reuters.

Bryant, 25, characterizing the encounter as consensual sex, has denied he raped the 19-year-old woman on June 30 at a posh Colorado resort where she worked as a concierge.

In court filings, his attorneys say the woman twice tried to commit suicide to gain the attention of an ex-boyfriend and her charge in this case follows the same pattern of behavior of trying to get attention.

But that onetime boyfriend, Johnray Strickland, 19, said on MSNBC’s “The Abrams Report” on Thursday that there is no way Bryant’s accuser (and Strickland’s ex-girlfriend) could have made up the “graphic” details of her alleged rape.

“He knew it was rape,” Strickland, who said he got a firsthand, “graphic and horrible” account of the alleged sexual assault from his friend. “He walked away knowing he had taken advantage of my friend.”

According to Reuters, defense attorneys also want a jury to hear evidence that the woman has recently been taking anti-psychotic medication for the treatment of schizophrenia, saying such information is relevant if she has had delusions or hallucinations.

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