But Jon says his estranged wife has yet to account for her cash withdrawals

By Nicole Weisensee Egan
October 26, 2009 06:30 AM
Brian Prahl/Splash News Online

Attorneys for Jon and Kate Gosselin confirmed Monday morning that Jon has complied with a court order to return money missing from the couple’s joint bank account – but Jon says Kate has yet to account for how she spent $33,000 in cash withdrawals.

Jon appeared in Montgomery County court on Monday, while his estranged wife did not. Cheryl Young, one of Kate’s attorneys, told Judge Arthur Tilson that the amount in question accounted for only five percent of what was in dispute, and that a divorce arbitrator did not require her to break down the cash withdrawals.

“It’s fully compliant,” said Young, noting that a two-day conference with the arbitrator is scheduled for next month.

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Judge Tilson had been prepared to hold a contempt hearing on Monday, if necessary, but he did not. Mark Heller, Jon’s New York attorney, said he’s not sure yet how he will handle the issue of the missing money.

Jon’s Attorney Resigns Again

The couple’s attorneys had filed contempt motions against each other because of money missing from a joint bank account. On Oct. 13, Judge Arthur Tilson ordered Jon to return the $180,000 he took from the account and wanted any other money removed from the account itemized to make sure it was spent according to a divorce arbitrator’s guidelines.

The jurist had set an Oct. 26 deadline and said if the money issue had not been not resolved, he would hold a hearing on the matter.

Jon is currently without an attorney. Charlie Meyer, his Pennsylvania attorney (who had only returned to the case last week), has once again withdrawn as Jon’s attorney – as of Monday morning.

“I’ll just get another attorney,” Jon told PEOPLE. “I have to.”