Lawyer: K-Fed Wants to 'Minimize Hardship' on Kids

"Kevin's not indifferent to how difficult it has to be on their mother," his attorney says

Photo: INF; Martin Fried/UPI Photo/Landov

Kevin Federline‘s lawyer says Monday’s court decision to keep Britney Spears from visiting her children is a difficult decision with a clear impact on all of the family members.

Mark Vincent Kaplan called the court order barring Spears from visiting her children indefinitely “painful, but appropriate.” Especially affected will be the boys Jayden, 1, and Preston, 2.

“Kevin’s not indifferent to how difficult it has to be on their mother (Spears) and on the kids,” Kaplan told PEOPLE. “It’s a sad situation. There’s no victorious feeling.”

The court hearing on Monday focused on Britney’s four-hour standoff on Jan. 3 and her subsequent hospitalization. Spears was temporarily stripped of the visitation rights immediately following the incident, and the court commissioner decided this week to continue the ban indefinitely.

“Kevin wants nothing more than to be able to parent his children with participation by their mother,” says Kaplan. “But the best interest of the children require that they be in the most sound, safe, nurturing and consistent environment. That is paramount.”

He adds, “[Kevin] is committed to trying to fill any void by him being there at all times for them in any way. He can’t replace their mother in their life but he is going to try to minimize the hardship.”

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