The talk show host's attorney says counseling would probably be for the sake of the children, not marriage

By Ken Lee
April 16, 2010 07:15 PM

Between photos of Larry King and his estranged wife looking happy together and a report that they’re in couple’s counseling, could they be reconsidering their divorce?

Not as far as King’s lawyer knows. “My most current information is that the divorce is proceeding,” attorney Dennis Wasser tells PEOPLE.

The legendary CNN talk show host, 76, and his seventh wife, Shawn Southwick King, 50, each filed separately for divorce Wednesday after 12 ½ years of marriage.

But the next day, they were photographed embracing each other at their son’s baseball game. Then TMZ reported the pair had agreed to go to therapy to try save their marriage.

But Wasser says that if they are going to counseling, it has to do with their two sons.

“People either go to reconciliation sessions to save their marriage or just to make sure their actions are in the best interest of the children,” says Wasserman. “If I were a betting man, it’s for the latter.”