The magician's wife claims "evidence" she was with him while he dated Cameron Diaz

By Mike Fleeman
Updated July 03, 2007 04:45 PM

Criss Angel is a magician by trade, but a lawyer claims to have “documentary evidence” he’s really a juggler.

An attorney for Angel’s estranged wife, Joann Sarantakos, tells PEOPLE the Mindfreak illusionist was having a relationship with Joann at the same time he was dating Cameron Diaz – despite the divorce filing.

“I will show with documentary evidence that my client was still with her husband, trying to save her marriage, at the same time Cameron Diaz was dating Criss Angel,” says lawyer Dominic Barbara. “I don’t know if Criss Angel lied to Cameron Diaz, and I and my client don’t wish her any bad publicity, but her press agent should be careful about what he says.”

Diaz, 34, released a statement Monday saying that when she dated Angel (real name: Christopher Sarantankos), 39, last May, he had been separated from his wife for more than a year and that his wife had already filed for divorce.

Barbara says he’ll unveil the evidence next week.

Meantime, a source close to Angel tells PEOPLE the magician and his wife were “very amicable” after she filed for divorce. Angel had felt comfortable dating and believed his ex-wife was too, says the source.

“He’s sad and disappointed,” the source says. “He’s really disappointed that they have turned this into a real public thing. He’s obviously very upset about making this into such a public affair and he genuinely feels angry that they threw Cam’s name in there.”

• Reporting by DIANE HERBST and MARK GRAY