Lawsuit Alleges Siegfried Drugged Roy

A former security guard claims the injured entertainer was over-medicated by his partner

A former security guard for Roy Horn has filed a lawsuit alleging that the entertainer’s partner, Siegfried Fischbacher, gave Horn excess medication during his recovery from a near-fatal tiger mauling.

Louis Mydlach, 34, who claims he was wrongly fired after being subjected to emotional distress after Horn’s injury two years ago, seeks damages of more than $40,000 in his civil suit, filed Tuesday in Clark County District Court.

He accuses Fischbacher of retaliating against him when he tried to protect Horn – and of victimizing Horn by keeping him overly medicated against his will.

In the filed papers, Mydlach calls Fischbacher a “tyrant” who would yell at him and Horn, and says Horn was afraid to be left alone with Fischbacher. He also alleges that Fischbacher “declined to purchase new clothing for Roy, and Roy’s clothing had to be pinned up to stay on because of his drastic loss of weight, causing him embarrassment and a loss of self-esteem.”

Fischbacher’s lawyer called Mydlach’s suit “false in all particulars,” saying the former employee is trying to capitalize on Siegfried and Roy’s fame and wealth.

“As counsel for the defendant, I have reviewed at length this false, erroneous and misleading complaint as filed by this disgruntled and unstable individual” attorney John Moran, Jr. told PEOPLE. “The complaint and the allegations are totally false.”

Oct. 3 marked the 61st birthday of Horn – as well as the second anniversary of his near-death onstage experience with a white tiger.

“I meditate a lot, but I am constantly in pain,” Horn, who can now walk unaided for short distances, told his local paper, the Las Vegas Sun, recently. “I’m trying to live with this.”

Recalling the night he nearly died, Horn said philosophically: “They were not ready for me to do the show upstairs. Not yet.”

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