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May 17, 2014 07:00 PM

It’s a modern day love story: Girl Tweets boy, boy Tweets girl, there’s some direct messaging and the next thing you know, they’re husband and wife.

It was a fateful Tweet that led to a wedding. When Laurie Davis, who parlayed her marketing skills into the successful online dating consulting service eFlirtexpert, first reached out to Thomas Edwards, Jr., founder of his own dating consulting company The Professional Wingman, sent that first message she had no idea she was starting a romantic relationship – she just thought his avatar was “handsome.”

“I was searching #dating on Twitter, looking at dating sites and people to connect with in my industry when I came across Thomas and thought his avatar was handsome,” she tells PEOPLE. “I pulled up his stream and saw he was also a dating coach. I thought the snapshot of his life from his Twitter profile was amazing and I knew I needed to know this guy.”

She made the initial first move – retweeting one of his Tweets – and soon the two were Tweeting back and forth. Which next led to a DM, a drink and a dinner “date.”

“We closed the restaurant down,” says Edwards, Jr., whose pal had warned him that he shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. “We went from talking about business to it evolving into talking about our personal dating lives and where we grew up. It turned into an interesting courtship over the next month, talking, Tweeting, sharing ideas about how we were going to collaborate, forming a plan of action. I realized there was a connection there and I had to pursue it.”

Though Davis, 32, was an early adopter of online dating, admitting she started back at age 19, Edwards, 28, says he’d never online dated, and so he thought Davis’s expertise could help his own clients.

Laurie Anne Davis and Thomas Harry Edwards, Jr.
Brian Phillips Photography

“The definition of online dating goes beyond dating sites and apps today,” says Davis. “It is any connection you can make. Social media is one of those venues that connection can happen. I can definitely teach people from experience what to do when you have a Twitter crush. But the most important part of online dating is getting offline.”

After dating since 2009, the two love experts said their “I Dos” Saturday in Boston and will set up house together in New York. Though they plan to continue to run their separate dating consulting businesses and embrace the wonder of social media, Edwards says he’s actually an old-fashioned romantic at heart.

“No, I didn’t propose in a Tweet,” Edwards says, laughing. “I was very old school about it. I hand-write notes and leave them on her pillow. I bring out a bouquet of flowers when she’s been traveling. I am totally that old-fashioned romantic at heart.”

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