Lauren Scruggs Shares Her Prosthetic Arms – and What She Loves About Them

The fashion blogger injured in a propeller accident last year shows PEOPLE how she's adapted

Photo: Peter Yang

Lauren Scruggs has made a miraculous recovery from the propeller accident last December that nearly took her life, taking the emotional ups and downs in stride as best she can.

“There’s still some hard days, for sure, and I think there will be the rest of my life,” Scruggs told PEOPLE from her home outside of Dallas last month.

The editor shared some of the physical adaptations she’s made since losing her left hand (she also lost her left eye and sustaining injuries to her brain, shoulder and face).

“I learn new things every day and new ways to do things,” says Scruggs, 24, who released a memoir, Still Lolo on Thursday. “I think it’s interesting to watch how your body will conform to what the new normal is.”

Scruggs showed PEOPLE three of her prosthetic arms (two workout arms and her “passive” prosthetic, which is the most realistic looking but has no function) and explained how she’s been healing on the inside as well.

“Emotionally, it gets better as time moves on because time brings healing,” she says.

Her perspective on physical therapy – she calls it “training” – has helped as well. Scruggs works out daily at a rehab facility that’s more like a gym, where athletes work through injuries. Describing her workout prosthetics, the active, athletic fashion blogger lights up.

When she raced her trainer in the pool, (wearing a prosthetic outfitted with a paddle-like attachment, Scruggs reported afterwards with a smile, “I won.”

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