The injured model, who is in intensive rehab at a Dallas hospital, visits Whole Foods with her mom

By Tim Nudd
January 05, 2012 09:30 AM

Each week brings new breakthroughs for Lauren Scruggs.

The model and fashion blogger, 23, who lost her left hand and left eye after walking into an airplane propeller on Dec. 3, this week made her first trip outside since the devastating accident.

“She and I made our first adventure, the other day, to one of our favorite places, Whole Foods! We love you Whole Foods!!” Lauren’s mother Cheryl writes in her latest update on the Caring Bridge website. “We had many complete strangers stop us, with tears in their eyes, saying they have been praying for Lo and for our family.”

Cheryl says that Lauren, who is in intensive rehab at a Dallas hospital, has been talking about happiness rather than pain or despair, buoyed by her faith in God.

“Lo has been talking, lately, about JOY,” Cheryl writes. “It brings tears to my eyes as she says, ‘This isn’t what I would have chosen, but God knows what He is doing … I am excited to see how I can be used.”

But of course, it’s only been a month since the accident, and the family is still dealing with its life-changing nature.

“We have all had our moments of thinking and working through all that has happened … and we each are processing it in our unique ways,” Cheryl writes. “But the thing we keep reminding ourselves of is that, we as a family, are all on the same team.”