After the loss of her left eye, the model and fashion blogger "has no depth perception," says her mother

By Rennie Dyball
Updated December 30, 2011 08:00 AM

After losing her left eye and left hand to a spinning plane propeller, Lauren Scruggs is re-learning some basic day-to-day functions.

The model and fashion blogger, 23, now has “no depth perception, making even walking up and down steps a hard thing to do,” Cheryl Scruggs writes on her daughter’s Caring Bridge website.

Walking through a room without running into something is also “a challenge,” she writes, and driving again will also prove a highly difficult task. “She will need to relearn how to drive and will not be driving for 2-3 months [and] only if she passes the required tests,” says Cheryl.

What’s more, “Lo had a brain injury, which requires working hard at cognitive skills and regaining full use of her brain function.”

Even more basic tasks have been compromised, her mother reports, thanks to the loss of Lauren’s left hand.

“Losing her hand changes the way she dresses herself, opens her make-up containers (now with her teeth and right hand), and even making her bed.”

Though her daughter (whose friends helped raise $10,000 for her medical bills) has made great strides in her recovery, the family is still facing an uphill battle dealing with their new reality.

“We trust Jesus, but, being human, this is hard … very very hard. Life stopped as we knew it, and changed over night.”