Doctors are pleased with her progress, but Lauren Scruggs is "in excruciating pain," says her mother

By Rennie Dyball
December 15, 2011 12:00 PM

There’s good news and bad news for Lauren Scruggs, the model and fashion blogger who was severely injured when she accidentally walked into a spinning plane propeller on Dec. 3.

“Lauren is recovering remarkably well, given the circumstances,” her mother, Cheryl Scruggs, said in a statement Wednesday night. “The doctors are VERY pleased with her progress.”

Unfortunately, Scruggs, 23, who lost her left hand and suffered facial and shoulder injuries in the accident as well, had to have her left eye removed on Wednesday.

“She is in excruciating pain,” says her mother. “Please pray for her appetite to return and for her to have the patience to take this journey one day at a time.”

“We have been praying for a miracle,” Cheryl Scruggs continues, and though doctors weren’t able to save Lauren’s eye as they’d hoped, Cheryl adds: “The miracle that Jesus gave us is a prosthesis. We continue to be eternally grateful for your prayers and support. It means more than words can say.”

Scruggs’s family and friends regularly update her condition on her Caring Bridge website, and they’ve set up a Lauren Scruggs Hope Fund for donations to help with her ongoing care.